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How much does it cost to have lights and decorations installed?

The cost of having the lights installed, serviced, removed and stored is based on the amount of linear feet of lights needed for your holiday display, so each home and business is unique based on the design of your roof, flowerbeds and other areas you may want to install lights. So a customer can invest as much or as little as they want based on their design choices. With your FREE ESTIMATE you will be given several options for lighting as well as holiday decorations like wreaths and garland. Wreath prices are based on the size of the wreath and garland is priced based on the number of feet needed for your display.

What is the cost of storing the lights and decorations?

All of our Christmas lighting programs are all inclusive and include proper storage of lights and decorations. When we take the lights and decorations down they are all labeled with your address and where they were installed on your home. So next season all of the decorations will be reinstalled in the same place unless requested otherwise.

What if a light stops working or gets knocked down somehow?

If you have a light bulb burn out, get damaged, or a string of lights gets knocked down by a falling limb.... just give us a call and we will come out and repair, replace, or re-hang the lights at no additional charge!

What is the difference between your lights and what is available at the local stores?

We only use commercial grade LED Lights that are custom fit to your home and are designed to last longer. We use 1000 foot spools of wire that are custom cut to fit every gutter or gable on your home for a professional appearance. This is the same wiring used in amusement parks and holiday lighting displays across the country.

Can you install the Christmas lights I already have?

If your lights were purchased from a retail store we can not, however if you have commercial grade lights and believe they are similar in quality to what we provide we will be happy to look at them and let you know if we can work with them.

Will I need to have an electrician install additional outlets outside my home?

In most cases you will not need more than one circuit available for your holiday lighting display. We only use energy efficient LED holiday lights and a typical house with 15 amp breakers can safely handle about 1500 lights. For large commercial or residential displays additional circuits may be necessary, and can typically be located within the existing wiring of the structure.

Do I need to be home for the quote or installation?

Unless you have very specific or unique ideas about how you would like your home decorated for the holidays, you don't need to be there for the installation or quote. For the quote we will leave you a detailed quote form with all of your options.

When do you take down the lights?

We begin taking down Christmas lights and decorations starting the first week of January, if you have a special request as to when your lights are taken down please contact our office and we will be happy to work with your schedule.

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