RGB Christmas Light Installation

RGB Christmas Lights


What are RGB Lights?

We get asked a lot about RGB lights and how they are different from typical holiday lighting. RGB lights are lights that have three colors in them red, green and blue and based on how much of each color is omitted can create over 16 million different colors. They are typically controlled by either a computer or other electronic device. The most popular way to control RGB lights is with a smartphone app. With RGB lighting almost anything is possible by being able to change colors, change patterns, create chasing lights and even sync to music just to name a few.

RGB Christmas Lights

We hate to even call them Christmas lights because RGB lights can be used for so much more than just Christmas. RGB lights can be permanently installed on your home or business and used for halloween, easter, valentines day, the kids birthday party or even just to show your support for your favorite football team. The options are virtually endless, but you don’t have to have them permanently installed if you don’t want to or if it is prohibited in your area. RGB lights can be put up and taken down just like other traditional holiday lighting.

The commercial grade RGB lighting installed by Roper Lawn & Landscape is not the low cost, big box RGB lights that have limited functionality. We install high quality RGB lights that will make your home or business magical this holiday season or anytime use them.

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